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It seems impossible that I’m writing for April!  And not a snowstorm in sight.  I’ve lived here long enough to know not to put the shovel away!  On to brighter and lighter things……

The “Fools for Christ” video and pot luck supper was well-attended by many who acted like “fools” for the show (most of whom work in the shop or for the shop).  I think we laughed the most at Madam Rubyor, in her flaming red dress, valiantly trying to play the violin, while behind her back, her assistant Valerie and Herb Bell were “making out” like teenagers (think Agnes Gooch in Auntie Mame).  Many a tear was shed to see Reverend Yoo Cha, our then-pastor, portraying “Kermit the Frog”.  Reverend Yoo Cha was such a good sport and we loved seeing her be “goofy” again.

Our focus the last few weeks has been getting ready for our turnover to the attractive spring showing of summer “haute couture” clothing, etc. at our usually very low prices.  Always a popular event, but a lot of behind the scenes work.  You know the drill:  clearing the racks, bagging for the Salvation Army (generally 75 to 90 bags).  We invite Izzy Thompson to get anything she can use for her homeless folks in the woods in Hyannis.  Nothing goes to waste.  We can always use extra hands on these days, so show up if you can, grab a black bag and get to work!  It’s fun.

Easter Sunday!!  Hooray!!  Always, whatever the weather, a happy day – our younger folks decorate an old Christmas tree with flowers donated by the ever-generous Thayers, then they take the “Easter bush” to the front yard for all to see.

Remember:  “But for His death and resurrection, HIS birth would have no meaning.”  Think about it.

Hope to see you worshiping with us.


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