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Thrift Shop Scraps – October 2018

One recent Friday afternoon, I stopped at my favorite “Boutique” to say hello to Carole and Bob P. Bob was at the register, Carole was in the work room wrestling with sheets. I was so surprised and pleased with a system she uses to identify each bin – a large Rubbermaid lid was propped up beside her with 20 – 30 yellow sticker pad sheets sticking to the lid – as she folded each sheet (or other items) and fills a bin, she identifies the contents with a stickee!! Ladies, men, kids, winter or summer stickee goes on the outside and the bin is ready for transport to basement storage. Amazing-why didn’t I think of that? So many years of Don and others getting frustrated at change-over time when bins aren’t marked right or at all, and sometimes even empty!! A Nobel Peace Prize to who ever thought of this method-so simple, yet so helpful.

Other tidbits! I’ve worked a few hours this past month and dismayed at the new cash register-the other one was older than dirt and very cranky-new one is just within the desk drawer and so far, is behaving very nicely. Looks good too. We will not have bottled handy anymore. I’ve been asked not provide it-too untidy with half full bottles left around the shop and too expensive in these days of conservation. So if you are a volunteer, bring your own water or use the tap water!

Another change, currently in progress, is Brian C. building two more sets of shelves in the big basement, for the storage of seasonal decorations. Brian’s wife, Linda, is returning to her former job of organizing and decorating for the various holidays and jumps with positive changes with much enthusiasm. A grateful “thank you” to Sheila H. The Energizer Bunny, who did such a fine job with enormous task for so many years! So, “welcome” back to Linda and Brian’s help and “full steam ahead.” Another Energy Bunny is Carolyn D. back from the summer home-Carolyn sees things that needs doing and does them! No stress, no mess and its’ over. I’d love some of her energy. Ella, Carolyn’s charming ten year old granddaughter has been with her for a few weeks. Lucky lady.

Last topic topic (maybe) yes, your HUMC is having it’s annual Turkey dinner this year. It is the biggest fund raiser we have and its a lot of fun! My role will be as “Collection Coordinator “a fancy name for lists of food needed and workers needed. It would be a great time for all of you who read this news letter together so I can meet you all-and you’ll have a wonderful home cooked dinner-and get to know Pastor John-he’s easy to talk to and I’m sure you’ll like him. Think about it-maybe you could help??

Til next time
Shalom J.W.

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