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Thrift Shop Scraps – July/Aug 2018

I actually made it to a board meeting last week (many thanks to Mimi), and I was so happy, not only to be there, but to see it all look so fresh and clean and inviting!  The meeting was poorly attended; warmer weather finds so much for people to do.  But, Delores has done a remarkable job since being our chairperson.  I’ve been told she’s very willing to accept suggestions and try different ways of doing things.  Our new “bean counter” Bette gave the usual financial report and despite being closed for bad winter weather a few times, we are still making more money than last year and can increase our donations to the community this year.  HOORAY to all of you who work so hard for us.  A large (!!) part of what we do is spend time listening to their problems – grief counseling or someone in a relationship problem, spiritual questions, health concerns, etc.  And the list goes on!  One lady said to me, “I’ve just been diagnosed with kidney, bone and lung cancer, and I need a hug”.  YIKES!  Her husband needs care, also.  So I put her on our prayer list and helped her find hats and scarves for her expected hair loss.  These interactions have absolutely nothing to do with raising money for the church but it is about providing a safe place for feelings and emotions to be shared and without judgment or advice.  So very gratifying.  This is the REAL MISSION.

A funny vignette coming up.  Brielle, age 4, driving with mother Tawny and boy-girl twins Bowden and Gali.  Seeing all the Sunday cars at church, Brielle wanted to stop at the thrift shop.  Her mother said, “It’s closed so all the workers can go to church.  Brielle asked, “Which car belongs to Jesus?”  Tawny said, “Jesus doesn’t need a car”.  Brielle replied, “Oh, HE just uses his angel wings!!”

Our people news:  Dot (Monday a.m.) has been plagued with a painful back condition and Bette was also sidelined with bursitis in her hip (so painful).  Sheila, one of our Energizer bunnies, has a new knee, ouchLinda has taken over the holiday stuff and she’s another Energizer bunny and because she cleaned out the big basement.  So, do your Christmas shopping early because she said there are some great holiday gift-type things that will be available soon!  (I did hear “Jingle Bell Rock” last week on the radio!)

Glad and More Glad Department:  “Over the moon” that we were blessed with Pastor Ed for the past 4 years.  We have prayers and praise for all he’s done – the other glad is the excitement/anticipation of welcoming our “new guy”. Pastor John will be here July 1st (and in the parsonage).  He’s had lots of experience and I feel it in my bones that he’ll be a good mix with us.  More later.

Please join us in worship, You’ll feel so glad you did, really!  Call 432-6457 if you can and need a ride or whatever.


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