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Thrift Shop Scraps – July/Aug 2019

Last month, I went on and on talking about how our Executive Committee works; it was mentioned to me that it’s really nostalgic to remember those days.  It all seemed so simple then.  Shortly after you read that, we had our “regular” meeting and nothing about it seemed simple!  We talked about getting an electrician to improve the lighting in the basement in the shop and eventually getting to the chandelier in the sanctuary that needs rewiring.  As of this writing, the trustees have finally secured such a person, so it’s a work in progress.  I had invited Ellen S. to join us to see how the decisions about the shop are made, etc.  Ellen has worked with me for over 15 years (as did her mother for a few years before her death).  Ellen is a very hardworking, faithful, knowledgeable lady with enthusiasm and good ideas.  Judy T.  had agreed to be a welcome member of our board until she and Barry return to Maryland in the fall.

Another new face at our meeting is our forever “Energizer Bunny”, Linda C.  She was invited by our indomitable leader, Dolores C.   Linda has been doing all our holiday stuff for a year or so; her husband Brian built her shelves in the basement to store the many bins of holiday items.  Linda is also hosting our annual choir party in July.  A busy lady, is our Linda.  Welcome, Lin.

Years ago, after we had been robbed, we set a policy that, for safety’s sake, no one should be in the shop alone – including both basements and the rest of the building.  So, at this board meeting, because of newer folks not knowing this, we started a long conversation, pros and cons.  Some of our people are a bit uneasy and some stalwarts prefer to be alone.  No definite conclusion was reached.  So, we’ll have to wait and see if it can be enforced.

Carolyn D. is back!  She jumps right in with her usual job of maintaining the memorial garden and the flowers outside the front door of the sanctuary,  She buys the necessary mulch and plants and does the work involved.  At this moment, I think she’s still in Hawaii with her son Alan and his daughter Ella.  Another Energizer Bunny.  Welcome back, Carolyn, my friend.

Just a tidbit I heard; on August 20th, Linda C., soprano, and Nick D., bass, will sing a duet for our anthem of praise, during the Sunday service.

I’ve tried to give you a snapshot view of our executive board and its functions.  The last meeting sort of went off track a bit – anyone who is interested would be a welcome guest any 2nd Tuesday at 12:15 in the Fellowship Hall.

Hope to see you in worship.


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