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The Fall and Winter Line was first displayed in mid-September.  All the clothing items are out for the first time.  After a few weeks, clothing not sold is donated to the Salvation Army and fresh items are displayed.   See what is out for the first time!

Thrift Shop Scraps – February 2018

It’s pretty much all good news this month. On January 13th, Dolores C., our new Thrift Shop manager, held a sort of “meet and greet’ meeting to get to know some of the volunteers; she said, “to put a face with the name.” About 20 people arrived with enthusiasm and ideas. Pam P. had prepared copies of an agenda, and Dolores used it to identify areas that could be improved. Discussions were lively, and suggestions were appreciated by all, and some changes will be implemented.

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Thrift Shop Scraps – December 2017

Do most of you remember the old saying, “God’s in his heaven, all’s right with the world?” My grandmother used to say that to me all the times, and that’s the way we all feel when Pastor Ed and Cindy are home!

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Thrift Shop Scraps – Nov 2017

If you have been in the shop in recent months, you might have noticed a pretty, blonde younger woman arranging the sheets. That’s Carole Porter and she volunteered for that thankless task a few months ago! Carole takes them home in a big rubber made tub, measures, folds and prices them. She and Bob joined our congregation a few years ago and have been such a blessing, willing to jump in cheerfully when needed

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Thrift Shop Scraps – October 2017

Vignettes of our bi-annual sale: Over-all not as profitable as some but the usual excitement and anticipation. Many people noticed the newly painted floor. A BIG “thank you” to Carolyn, who, every summer, finds a project to undertake and, at her own expense, time and effort, gets it done! This year it was the floor. Hooray!!

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Thrift Shop Scraps – July/August 2017

Your Thrift Shop is plugging along, like “The Little Engine That Could.” Dot H. has done a masterful job of filling the gaps and is relieved to have Carolyn D., our Florida snowbird, here for the summer who has volunteered to take over one of Dot’s chores, which is folding untidy racks and shelves every week for years. Hilda R. and Mary and Don G. have been helping too. In the months that I have not been as closely involved with the shop there have been some minor, subtle changes.

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Thrift Shop Scraps – June 2017

After re-telling the saga of the quilt last month, which had suck a good ending, guess what I found on the shelf when I got to the shop last Tuesday?!! You guessed it – another old, shabby, dirty quilt. No names or dates or any redeeming qualities; but somebody would buy it! We have a very proper British lady for whom I saved nice wool skirts for her discerning eye, only to find after a few years, that she cuts them up to braid rugs! There is something for everyone at our little shop.

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Thrift Shop Scraps – May 2017

I started to write about that “rare day in May – – – I know, I know, its June, so you will hear it next month. This month will bring Mother’s Day, another festive time (Easter Sunday saw a full church and great message from you know who), good fellowship hour, too. How about a repeat for Mother’s Day?

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Thrift Shop Scraps – April 2017

“Oh, the places I’ve been” (with apologies to Dr. Seuss) you wouldn’t believe! Cape Cod Hospital via ambulance, treated for massive coronary – 5 days later transferred via ambulance to Pleasant Bay Nursing etc. for rehab.

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