HUMC Thrift Shop
Shop open Thurs., Fri., & Sat. 10-2pm
Donations Monday's only 10-12pm
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Tel: 508-432-7322

The Thrift Shop will be accepting donations of winter clothing only, on Mondays from 10 am to 12 pm.

Now open three days each week: Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10:00 to 2:00.


Thrift Shop Tid-Bits – December 2020

The Thrift Shop is doing ok but can always use another hand or two. The shop will be closed next week for Thanksgiving but will accept donations on Monday. It’s unbelievable the amount of donations people bring to us for resale, but, of course, a lot of things are not in good enough condition for me to offer for sale in the shop. These things are transported to the disposal area.

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Thrift Shop Tid-Bits – November 2020

What a year we’ve been through, and we just don’t know what’s ahead of us. The thrift shop will be saying so long to three of our volunteers before the end of the year. Betty Drewes, our treasurer, will be moving to East Providence, RI.. Her house has sold. Then Hilda Remer is also moving to be closer to her family; that will be a big loss to us as Hilda has been with us about thirty years. She keeps the book room in order and cuts up the cardboard to be recycled, and then we have John Chatham who’s moving to Plymouth with his wife Sharon so they can be with their son Michael. I wish them all well. They surely will be missed. I thank them all for their help over the years, but Who will fill their shoes?

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Thrift Shop Tid-Bits – March 2020

The first thing I’d like to do is thank Jackie Winnie from the bottom of my heart and the soles of my feet for her many years of dedicated service. Jackie, you have kept us informed on many happenings in the Thrift Shop. Again, thank you, Jackie and, Jackie, don’t forget those antique chairs.

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Thrift Shop Scraps – February 2020

The air conditioner mystery is a mystery no longer. Apparently, at a meeting of our executive group (that I missed), it was brought up as new business and after discussion, they all voted to set the project in motion. I worked last Saturday 10 – 12 and seeing a large display shelf above the linens and craft books, was told, “That’s for the air conditioner that’s going to be installed.”

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Thrift Shop Scraps – November 2019

Wow! Was our “thank you” dinner for our volunteers a success! 44 people arrived to enjoy the delicious food that Marion’s Pie Shop catered for us. Cindy Stearns (owner of said shop) had her lovely daughter helping and the beef tenderloin was the star of the show. Dolores made a very nice presentation to Hilda R. for her years of service as an executive board member and her gift was a very impressive plaque to hang on the wall. Fellowship was lively, lots of laughter added to the festivities. We always welcome visitors to the board meetings if they are interested in our shop – we meet the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 12:15 in the Fellowship Hall.

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Thrift Shop Scraps – October 2019

I’ll start this month’s report about your Thrift Shop…….I had to eat “humble pie” today – not a comfortable place to be, for sure! You see in my last report to you, I said our annual volunteer “thank you” dinner was to be held in November – not so. The caterer came to my house in response to my frantic messages to reassure me that I had originally given her the correct date which is Friday, October 18th at 5:00 p.m. in our fellowship hall.

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Thrift Shop Scraps – July/Aug 2019

Last month, I went on and on talking about how our Executive Committee works; it was mentioned to me that it’s really nostalgic to remember those days. It all seemed so simple then. Shortly after you read that, we had our “regular” meeting and nothing about it seemed simple!

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Thrift Shop Scraps – June 2019

“What is so rare as a day in June?” Didn’t Shakespeare say that? Well, it’s only the end of May as I write this and after 28 days of rain in April, I’m appreciating a rare, sunny day! I really don’t like to discuss weather – what can you do about it, anyway? But, the sun surely makes a difference.

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Thrift Shop Scraps – May 2019

No “good news, bad news” this month, it’s all good news! First: Just heard that Judy T. had back surgery in Maryland and was up and walking around the same day! Amazing, the advances made in surgical procedures. Judy and Barry will be “home” in mid-May, we pray. They are both so active in the life of our church – he with financial stuff and she in the Thrift Shop on Fridays.

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Thrift Shop Scraps – April 2019

It seems impossible that I’m writing for April! And not a snowstorm in sight. I’ve lived here long enough to know not to put the shovel away! On to brighter and lighter things……

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