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Tel: 508-432-7322

After a few weeks, clothing not sold is donated to the Salvation Army and fresh items are displayed. See what is out for the first time!

Thrift Shop Scraps – April 2019

It seems impossible that I’m writing for April! And not a snowstorm in sight. I’ve lived here long enough to know not to put the shovel away! On to brighter and lighter things……

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Thrift Shop Scraps – March 2019

If you haven’t had a chance to be in your thrift shop for a while, you would be surprised to see some of our recent changes. Delores has scoured the internet and various vendors in her travels and found items and ideas that benefit our shop – for instance: the round, black discs that she put on the clothing racks that tell the sizes of the garments!

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Thrift Shop Scraps – February 2019

Please note – February is “Heart Month”. Knowing that heart disease is the #1 killer, we should be aware of our blood pressure, weight, diet and exercise – all play a role with this disorder.

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Thrift Shop Scraps – January 2019

Just when I thought I could take a breath and tell you all about the Thrift Shop doings, I got a phone call! My niece (my late brother’s only girl, age 11 and autistic) asked if I got the flowers she sent and described a dozen roses and large table decoration which was due here Saturday or Monday -the only advice I could offer was calling the tracking number and when we ended the call, I thanked the Lord for the Thayer’s flower shop!

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Thrift Shop Scraps – November 2018

Our shop is really a “happenin’ place” these days – holidays just around the corner (yikes!), turkey dinner on November 10th, UMW Fair on November 17th and I’ll be telling you about all this month.

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Thrift Shop Scraps – October 2018

I’ve worked a few hours this past month and dismayed at the new cash register-the other one was older than dirt and very cranky-new one is just within the desk drawer and so far, is behaving very nicely.

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Thrift Shop Scraps – July/Aug 2018

I actually made it to a board meeting last week (many thanks to Mimi), and I was so happy, not only to be there, but to see it all look so fresh and clean and inviting! The meeting was poorly attended; warmer weather finds so much for people to do.

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Thrift Shop Scraps – June 2018

Was it “Alice in wonderland” who fell in a hole and met some very strange critters? Well, if you missed me, there I was surrounded by white coats and uniforms and strange things!! After 5 weeks, I’m home and ready to spread the news about your Thrift Shop.

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Thrift Shop Scraps – April 2018

Because Easter is early this year (April 1), our thrift shop sale will start on Monday, April 2nd so I won’t exhort you to get Easter finery, but instead I’ll invite you to view and purchase our “haute couture” spring and summer line, available on April 7th.

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Thrift Shop Scraps – March 2018

Someone said to me recently in a casual conversation that this portion of our newsletter was “more social” than otherwise. That got me to thinking – not my intent. I always hope the readers will be interested in WHO works in the shop, WHAT is happening in their lives, What being a volunteer means in terms of duties and obligations to the shop and customers and representing our church. WHERE?

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