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10 am to 2 pm Mon/Fri/Sat
10 am to 4 pm Tue/Wed/Thurs
1 Church Street
East Harwich, MA 02645
Tel: 508-432-7322

Welcome to another New Year!  I truly wish your holidays were rewarding; being remembered by friends and/or family is always a treat and a bonus this year was we weren’t buried under 2 feet of snow!  Also, the Patriots are heading for the Superbowl again.  Life is good!  There’s often some bad stuff on the flip side of that “good life” – I have the sad duty of telling those who can’t get to the church functions that our much beloved Thelma passed away in mid-January.  Her last 2 or 3 years have been plagued with ill health but she was always cheerful and enjoyed her friends and family visits.  Thelma and her adoring husband, Dr. Harold, had a long and productive marriage centered by their faith.  They were avid golfers and travelers.  She lived 94 good years and will be sorely missed by all who knew her.  Bill and Donald would be grateful for condolences – send a card to her home address.  There will be a memorial service when the weather gets a bit more predictable.

A bit of good news about your shop – Delores introduced me to a lady named “Linda” whom she had “hired” and was breaking her in on the 2 Saturdays I worked.  Linda is from Maine, newly moved to the Cape and also attends our worship service!  She has experience and is very enthusiastic about our shop and she’s comfortable with our patrons.  Seems like a winner!  It’s nice to hear compliments about our endeavors – we just plug along and sometimes a new face brings a fresh approach to our labors.  So, welcome Linda!  We look forward to working with you.

It was such a treat to be back at the cash register – made possible by John Albee’s generosity providing transportation on the 2 Saturdays he works.  Many of my favorite people come on that day; it’s almost like “party time”.  My special places to be are Sunday worship and the thrift shop, and of course choir!  Another scrap of news is Delores C. is away on vacation – Maine, I think.  She has been our chairman for many months and she’s another “Energizer bunny”.  She sees something that needs doing, even the eternal folding, and she takes care of it.  Delores teaches by example; wish everyone could!

Please note – February is “Heart Month”.  Knowing that heart disease is the #1 killer, we should be aware of our blood pressure, weight, diet and exercise – all play a role with this disorder.  SO, I will be available to check your blood pressure after church service on the Sundays in February.  A few minutes of your time to know your numbers is all it takes.  You will find me in the Fellowship Hall in my “Nancy Nurse” jacket at a card table.  See you then.


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