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Thrift Shop Tid-bits by Dolores Chase – March 2020

The first thing I’d like to do is thank Jackie Winnie from the bottom of my heart and the soles of my feet for her many years of dedicated service. Jackie, you have kept us informed on many happenings in the Thrift Shop. Again, thank you, Jackie and, Jackie, don’t forget those antique chairs.

To all the Thrift Shop volunteers who are under the weather, whether it’s an illness or surgery, we are keeping you in our prayers for a quick recovery. You are missed!

On another note, Bob and Carole Porter would like to retire from the Thrift Shop. They work Fridays from twelve noon to two p.m. If you’re interested in volunteering for two hours on Friday afternoon, please see me. I’m willing to work the extra two hours, but I need a partner. Thank you in advance.

Our shop is closed until further notice due to the virus. It seems that people are in a hurry for Spring to arrive this year as I’ve been asked when the changeover is this year. Well, it’s going to be April 6 – 8 for the half- price sale. Monday and Tuesday we’ll be open from 10am – 4pm and on Wednesday we’ll be open from 10am-2pm at which time we’ll need as many people to take down all the winter clothes and start to put out our summer things. Then we’ll be closed the rest of the week and reopen on Monday, April 13th.

It takes many hands to keep the Thrift shop in order. We have people who work behind the scenes. Linda does holiday decoration, Hilda does the books, cuts cardboard, folds paper bags among other things. Linda also takes unsellable linens to the Animal rescue League for the animals to have something soft to sleep on. then someone else takes the cardboard to the recycling center. I take the dishes and things that have been around too long to the Treasure chest. A lot of hands make our work lighter. If I didn’t mention you and what you do, it wasn’t done on purpose, and maybe I’ll mention you next time. It takes a whole group of people to keep the Thrift Shop running smoothly. Thank You everyone. You are greatly appreciated. Until next time, take care of yourself and each other.

Love you all, and you’re in my prayers,



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