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Thrift Shop Scraps – February 2020

The air conditioner mystery is a mystery no longer.  Apparently, at a meeting of our executive group (that I missed), it was brought up as new business and after discussion, they all voted to set the project in motion.  I worked last Saturday 10 – 12 and seeing a large display shelf above the linens and craft books, was told, “That’s for the air conditioner that’s going to be installed.”  So, it will be a blessing for the workers and customers who are not comfortable when the humidity is high; they will be relieved.

You know every once in a while I like to put the spotlight on a particular volunteer, but this month I’m going to stray from that and tell you a little about a woman who has quietly and competently done many things for our church family.  Ruthie Crocker is her name and I think her single-life name was Doane.  She was born in Cape Cod Hospital where her mother was a nurse, so she’s a real Cape Codder (the rest of us are washashores)!  She met Albert while at Barnstable High School and I believe she went to business school following graduation, and then worked in banking while Albert went into the service.  I know she has a sister who is quite a bit older (well into her 90s) who is in a facility in Florida and has cognitive issues, memory loss.  Ruthie and Albert moved to Harwich and had 3 boys who were all born fairly close together.  They were Stephen (now a local builder), Edward, also a businessman, and Bill, who died this past year of cancer.  Albert had passed away a few years ago and Ruthie had moved to a condo in Yarmouth.  

During their marriage, their lives seemed complete – centered around this church and the choir for her and couples club for both.  They all went camping every chance they got, with a group, and they had a large garden to care for.  Ruthie was/is a great cook and can sew and do crafts.  It all sounds so mundane when put on paper, but that’s what life was for our generation.  The flip side is that Ruthie was often ill and had many surgical interventions, but she put a smile on her face and went about helping others in any way she could.  

Son Bill rallied after chemo and was doing fairly well, and rather quickly nothing was helping and he went to be with his Lord.  And Ruthie was alone.  And fragile.  Recently she was hospitalized  (I don’t remember why) and then went to rehab.  Though she couldn’t work at the shop because of many allergies, she donates stuff.  

Ruthie is at Liberty Commons now, after being moved around a bit, but the family has suggested that we not visit yet, it might be too confusing, but cards are welcome.

I meant this to be a tribute of all of Ruthie’s jobs in the church, but I wanted all the readers to know more of the person that’s inside the gentle smile and uncomplaining lady behind it.

Dolores C. lent me a typewriter!!!  She must have gotten tired of me moaning and groaning about my hands hurting and cramping when I’m trying to write.  I really hate to say it because I was so grateful to see it, but it looks like the dashboard of a B29 bomber – I can’t figure out how to get the paper in it!!  If any kind soul out there would really enjoy doing the news about our shop and it’s volunteers – just once a month – I’d welcome you with a hug!!  (You all know I don’t hug, generally.)

Will you come to worship with us next week?  I’ll use some of our Roman Catholic ads “Come back home to church”.



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