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Harwich Soundings – October 20, 2017

I share a disturbing yet truthful assessment of where we are in our society today. Tim Suttle’s and Stanley Hauerwas’ hyperbole may not be comfortable to hear or bear, yet such speech is necessary if we are to alertly resist the dark forces we face in these fractured times….if we are to model alternative ways of relating more akin to Jesus’ vision for humanity. We are created by God to be better, larger, more true and compassionate persons than much we witness on the public stage today. Give an ear, and may our hearts be open.

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Harwich Soundings – October 3, 2017

We live in a time when the unfathomable takes place…again and again. Now in Las Vegas…senseless violence and death. Who are we at war with? Ourselves? Who is the enemy who compels a man to take sixteen high powered weapons to his motel room, with another eighteen in his home? Something is loose in our society, in our national psyche, that aims for destruction.

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Harwich Soundings – September 28, 2017

There’s not much ‘gentleness’ in our public discourse these days. Despite the fact that Paul names ‘gentleness’ as one of the fruits of the Spirit in Galatians 5, the quality seems in short supply…with some notable exceptions. Each of us knows someone to whom we’d attach this attractive characteristic.

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Harwich Soundings – September 15, 2017

Since we’ve been considering Jonah, a reluctant prophet in recent sermons, the following thoughts on ‘the prophet’ seem pertinent. Offered by Richard Rohr in his daily meditations, I lift them up because this vital Biblical role is relevant in our current times, and because we all get annoyed by the prophets’ work/word from time to time.

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Harwich Soundings – September 4, 2017

Blessed Labor Day! I was taken by a piece from the selected writings of Evelyn Underhill cited in a devotional resource I’m using. It’s about ‘God’s calling’, which, when we respond positively, becomes at least some of our life’s labor.

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Harwich Soundings – June 8, 2017

Hard to believe it’s June 8. Schools will soon be out. It was 48 degrees on Tuesday. Warmer today. Cool or warm, God is God and is for us. I was struck by this from Robert Corin Morris: “The God we worship not only fixed the borders of the sea and rested on the Sabbath but also voluntarily chose the confines of the flesh so that every one of its limitations might become the dwelling place and doorway to abundant life. The Infinite was confined in swaddling clothes and subjected to the same path of bridling and taming the wilderness of desire as we are.

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Harwich Soundings – May 26, 2017

I just came across this blog and think it’s fitting to share with you all. The Sacrament of Holy Communion is such that it grows on us, or we grow into a fuller grasp of what it means over time. It’s like how we grow into the meaning of our baptism for all our days on earth following Jesus (and maybe we keep growing into eternity.)

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Harwich Soundings – February 16, 2017

Most of us have a lot to learn about Islam. It’s an urgent, enormously relevant undertaking. So, in an effort to deepen our understanding, the following article offers insight in how the three Abrahamic faiths can learn from each other.

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Harwich Soundings – February 2, 2017

I wonder if we’re not living in an incredibly fertile period in which to follow Jesus and call ourselves Christian? Fertile because in the chaos of these early days of a new Administration it seems like all hell is breaking loose. The soil of our national soul is being vigorously roto-tilled on all sides…terrible divisions and injustices exposed with each pass of the tractor.

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Harwich Soundings – January 23, 2017

With Christ in the School of Prayer was a popular mid-twentieth century book on prayer by Andrew Murray. Assuming that disciples of Christ are students, the title implies that we continue to learn what prayer is and grow in how to pray throughout the faith journey. Like so many aspects of following Jesus, it’s a lifetime project. If ‘for everything there is season’, then the season for praying is ever present.

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