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Thrift Shop Scraps – January 2019

Just when I thought I could take a breath and tell you all about the Thrift Shop doings, I got a phone call!  My niece (my late brother’s only girl, age 11 and autistic) asked if I got the flowers she sent and described a dozen roses and large table decoration which was due here Saturday or Monday -the only advice I could offer was calling the tracking number and when we ended the call, I thanked the Lord for the Thayer’s flower shop!  “What’s the connection?” you say, and I’ll tell you: one day last week I got a gorgeous arrangement of red roses, red tulips, white tiger lilies, red daisies and something that looks like hollyhocks with greenery and a big plaid bow!  A lady, my Matron of Honor’s daughter, had sent it because her parents participated at my wedding 70 years (almost!) ago.  Thayer’s was the florist, as they had done before, making unusual things for me for dear friends and never a hitch.  Shop locally, for our economy, their talents and attention to details – my friends are delighted and so am I.

Delores C. asked for volunteers to come to the shop and help with the general cleanup, and I hear things got tidied and cleaning glassware cabinets and the eternal folding: it’s the most boring chore which is so quickly a mess again.  I suggested the Executive Committee should or would be asked to help – she informed me we have no more active committee due to lack of interest.  Attendance at meetings has been very low or nonexistent.  So, this is a call to arms-  hopefully someone reading this would like to be part of our group.  Delores C. is working so hard and also searching for someone to do the staffing.  It’s either a feast or a famine and it’s time to ask for a feast again!

The not-so-good news – Thelma B., since the beginning with husband Dr. Harold, valued volunteers, and she, a board member, is back in the hospital.  She was returning home on Sunday from rehab at Pleasant Bay and was instead sent to the hospital.  At 94, she is alert though she must be confused when her plans are changed unexpectedly with a temp and high white cell count say “infection” somewhere!  Pray for her short stay at Cape Cod Hospital and a healthy return home.  Please call or send a card (you know, the usual).

The season is over – our church services were uplifting, good sermons kept our interest, and we pray for peace so the “lion can lie down with the lamb”.  So, let’s remember the “reason for the season” and try to walk in HIS steps in the coming New Year.

Hope to see you in workshop.


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