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If you haven’t had a chance to be in your thrift shop for a while, you would be surprised to see some of our recent changes.  Delores has scoured the internet and various vendors in her travels and found items and ideas that benefit our shop – for instance:  the round, black discs that she put on the clothing racks that tell the sizes of the garments!  All these years, we have fished through pants and tops and skirts, etc., looking for sizes (a very frustrating time waster) with such an easy solution, thanks to DeloresMargaret T. has done a remarkable job on showcasing the donated jewelry – the displays are very tastefully arranged – like with like (Hilda R. will like that), nicely blended colors, etc.  She has a flair for design and it’s obvious on the fine job she does with this popular area of the shop.

Big sale coming up- 1st week in April!  This is our twice a year changeover for the next season – almost everything is half price or at least, specially priced; such as “Bag o’ Books” for $1!  Hilda R. has done her usual fine job with the tedious task of the many boxes of books that we get and our sale will hopefully thin it out.  Then there’s the fine china and crystal that just doesn’t sell – no one seems interested – Bavarian, English, Lenox, Haviland, etc. – sometimes, we can’t give it away!!  People my age (advanced years!) enjoy using the “good china” as often as possible, for family and friends.  We also have a large selection of men’s ties – silk, handmade, some new, expensive; a real bargain at our sale price – let’s get “Ties for Guys” going again!

In my quest for an electric typewriter, a neighbor brought over an IBM that did everything but spit nickels, very impressive but it refused to set margins at all so she took it back for repair.  And our own Mary D. and her Jim offered a nice, workable instrument for me, but it too had an unexpected stubborn streak and couldn’t be encouraged to work!  So, I thank these kind and generous folks – one a stranger and one a dear friend, renewed my faith – and I continue my search.

Back to the thrift shop – our bigger concern has been someone to be our “Staffing Manager”  (tough job).  Our newest step up to fill a need meets our criteria – i.e. church member, works a shift each week, knows lots of the staff she will be dealing with and generally a sweet, helpful, willing nice lady – all of which makes her a board member.  Why don’t I mention her name, you say?  She avoids recognition for any of her good works – if you guess, make her welcome and tell her how lucky we are to have her.

A word about Monday a.m. shift:  many of our customers (and staff) have made comments regarding how much fun everyone has who works Monday mornings!  Mary and Don, Dot H., Sheila H., Sue S., Edith, all fun and funny people!  Is it karma, good chemistry or what?

If you haven’t been able to be part of the daily lives of your church family, you may not realize that Thelma B. died in January with family around her and Hospice nurses at Pleasant Bay Nursing Center and her memorial service was

February 23rd at HUMC.  Extended family from many locations and old, dear friends were there.  Bill and Donald gave wonderful talks:  Bill the recent 2 years of caregiving and Donald with the events of their youth – we were reminded to be like their Mom and nourish our friends and be hospitable to strangers, help others in any needed circumstances – in other words, to try to be like Jesus.  Pastor John followed with words of hope and goodness that Thelma exemplified.  Very moving and emotional for all.  Nice collation followed by HUMC ladies.  Linda G.’s recent loss (she was so very involved in any event so simply and quietly).  We miss her, but Chrissy came to help, too.  We thank you so much Chrissy and I loved seeing you.  I know it was hard for you.

There it is, folks – the good and the sad.  Don’t forget the SALE in April and get your Easter finery!  Pray that you can get here to celebrate our Lord’s resurrection on Easter Sunday.


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