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Thrift Shop Scraps – May 2019

No “good news, bad news” this month, it’s all good news!  First:  Just heard that Judy T. had back surgery in Maryland and was up and walking around the same day!  Amazing, the advances made in surgical procedures.  Judy and Barry will be “home” in mid-May, we pray.  They are both so active in the life of our church – he with financial stuff and she in the Thrift Shop on Fridays.

Valerie and Herb B. took their motorcycles to Florida to just have fun and they did!  And got back in time for choir on Easter.  Val was such an efficient leader of SPRC while Barry was away, it makes my head spin.  And on with the good news:  I told you last month about the mysterious lady who would prefer not to be spotlighted for any attention.  Well, this good soul has seen a need and stepped up to fill it!  Yes, Wendy is the new staffing Secretary, and she has an assistant!  Same story with Sharon C. – she saw a need and stepped up.  Another good move.  Sharon is a lovely, very busy lady and these two, as a team, will do well.

Our turnover sale went super-duper well.  Many years ago, we polled our executive committee to get permission to reopen on the last Saturday of our sales week to give our customers who were teachers a chance for the warm weather clothes.  It was very successful, and John A., who worked that Saturday this year, reported they made $500 that day!  Thank you, God!  I think the Sweets made that much once, but it is almost unheard of.

And then there was Easter and happiness abounded – the music was joyous, lots of various flowers (we gratefully thank Linda C., who always does such a nice job).  Penelope’s daughter Steffani sang, “I’ll Fly Away” and invited the congregation to join in the refrain.  It’s always a treat when she is able to sing for us (she teaches music in New York City).  Steffani’s Purdy relations filled up a whole pew!  And another Easter treat that has become a tradition the past few years is the Easter bush.  Rev. David brought out the sorriest looking “Charlie Brown tree”; 2 tree limbs in the shape of a cross.  He then invited the young people and those who are young at heart to decorate this pathetic looking cross with the fresh flowers donated by the Thayers’ florist shop each year and voila – it became a beautiful Easter bush.  This artistic masterpiece was then carried outside by a large group and stuck into the lawn for all to see.

End of worship, on to fellowship times which is prepared by UMW ladies and always delicious.  I must say – that warm glow of friendship and the joy of the Resurrection stayed with me for a long time and I thank God for all the blessings this holy place has given me and all of you.  

Hope to see you in worship.


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