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It is with deep, deep sadness that we share the news that our little grandson, Finn Kamuela Starbuck, died just before 6:00pm on Monday June 25th at Womens & Infants Hospital.  His parents had made the wrenching yet courageous decision to remove the ventilator and let Finn go.  He lay in their arms as he took his last breaths.

His 27 days were ones of great love and anguish, with some ups but more downs.  He was diagnosed with downs syndrome last Friday, which in itself would never have led to their decision.  It was the combination of a serious infection and unknown developmental disabilities due to a large brain bleed during his first week, his compromised lungs, and his suffering, that led his parents, out of respect and deep love for him, to this tragic decision.

Little Finn’s strength was apparent from the moment of his birth.  He made a lasting impression on all who knew him, two families brought together around the wonder of his birth, many friends, countless prayers from all over, and the staff of the hospital.  Every nurse who had cared for him came to hug and weep with Bryn and Josh during that long Monday.  Love is stronger than death, and our little Finn is held in the power and mystery of God’s love as his journey continues.  He lives in all our hearts, and we are so, so grateful for him.







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