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A Message from Pastor John

Thirty years ago Stephen Covey published his now-famous book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. In it he poses the question, “What’s the one activity, if you did it consistently and did it well, would yield dramatic results in your life?”

Now, that’s a good question for anyone to answer. If we rewrite it just a little, it becomes a terrific question for the church. “What’s the one activity, if done consistently and done well, would yield dramatic results in your local church?” I firmly believe the best answer is, “Invite others to church.”

Now, I understand that we’re called to send the church into the world and not just open our doors and hope that folks will come streaming in, like in the movie Field of Dreams… “Build it and they will come.” Or respond to mass mailings or door hangers distributed all over town. Because those aren’t the things that convince folks to worship with us.

And I understand that we may feel uncomfortable asking someone… because they may say no… or because to ask means that we’re also opening up about something that’s important to us, and so many folks don’t really see the importance of regularly participating in worship.

And yet, inviting others to church has been proven to be one of the most effective outreach activities.

And, it doesn’t need any special talent or training… and we’ve got so many opportunities to do so.

Thom Rainer tells us in his book, The Unchurched Next Door, that 82% of folks who don’t currently attend church are at least somewhat likely to do so if they were invited by someone they know, and that most folks who do come to church do so because someone invited them personally.

Another simple statistic is that 7 of 10 folks who don’t go to church have never been invited. That’s right, they’ve never been invited at all. Never. Not once in their lifetime.

We’ve got folks all around us who would join us on a Sunday morning… if we’d ask them. If we’ve been touched by God’s love and grace and mercy, it would be a great thing to share those blessings with others.

So won’t you think of someone whose life might be changed for the better by God’s goodness, and pray for them… and pray for yourself and how God might enable you to approach them… and then invite them to join us for Sunday worship on October 27? We’ll all be enriched.


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