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Thrift Shop Scraps – November 2018

Our shop is really a “happenin’ place” these days – holidays just around the corner (yikes!), turkey dinner on November 10th, UMW Fair on November 17th and I’ll be telling you about all this month.  Also, anything else that pops into my consciousness while I’m writing!  Speaking of which, I mentioned 2 – 3 months ago that I could really make use of a typewriter to do this newsletter (due to my hands cramping while I’m trying to write) and the only response was from Mary P.  At this moment, she and Jim are spiffing up a Remington electric, soon to be in my possession.  By the way, I don’t type!  Just hunt and peck – but anything would be an improvement for whomever has to get it into the computer.  So, a very grateful “thank you” to Mary and Jim, whose kindness will make my life easier!

Stepping back a bit in time, the “Appreciation Dinner” for the volunteers is still being talked about with enthusiastic praise!  If you are a volunteer and didn’t get here for the delicious dinner (two beef fillets, stuffed chicken breasts, two vegetables, Caprese salad, hot blueberry pie and ice cream, drinks and cake! The last two items were generous gifts to us from Marion’s Pie Shop), you missed a good time and we missed you.

Linda C. has put on her Santa suit and has prepared holiday gifts and decorations and all sorts of goodies to catch your eye AND your wallet for Christmas!  Her master craftsman, Brian (and better half!), has put up storage shelves in the big basement for neatness and more space for the various holidays and events for which we all use decorations.  Please stop in and see for yourself the displays Linda has done for us and she loves to do it!  A very talented lady – is our Linda.

Persons in our news:  Thelma B. is finally home from rehab and is being seen by Hospice personnel.  Way “back in the day”, Dr. Harold and Thelma were popular and faithful volunteers in our shop; it was always fun with the Sweets, Goulds, Tripps, Dickinsons – who said, “The only constant in life is change”?  Surely so, of our shop.  Hilda R. had a mishap in the basement last week – fell and hurt her leg, which is still painful, and Janet T. fell in the workroom and sprained her ankle badly and has to wear a boot for 6 weeks.  AND, Bruce Z. fell off a ladder (cleaning gutters), shattered his ankle, sent to Boston, had surgery X2, is now in Pleasant Bay.  I tease him by calling him “Mr. Lucky” but not this time!!  A call or a card to these folks would be greatly appreciated.  Does anyone ever do this when I ask?  Just sayin’.

The big holiday fair is coming up on November 17th.  Handmade knitted stuff and white elephants, bake table, new gifts, beautiful ornaments the Crafty Ladies make and LUNCH!  I hope to be in the Thrift Shop early, so stop in and say hello.

Will we see you in worship?  Pastor John is really hitting home runs with his sermons!  Honest to God – not “just sayin'”!


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