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Thrift Shop Scraps – November 2019

Wow!  Was our “thank you” dinner for our volunteers a success!  44 people arrived to enjoy the delicious food that Marion’s Pie Shop catered for us.  Cindy Stearns (owner of said shop) had her lovely daughter helping and the beef tenderloin was the star of the show.  Dolores made a very nice presentation to Hilda R.  for her years of service as an executive board member and her gift was a very impressive plaque to hang on the wall.  Fellowship was lively, lots of laughter added to the festivities.  We always welcome visitors to the board meetings if they are interested in our shop – we meet the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 12:15 in the Fellowship Hall.  

People in the news:  Judy and Barry T. have gone to their “other” home in Maryland till spring.  I miss her sweet, tactful voice of reason at meetings and they both do so much for the shop when here.  Hurry back!  Marianne T. (with her other half, Bill Bly, are our sextons) has recovered from her disagreement last week when a feisty toilet bowl she was cleaning showered her with water!  Bill fixed it.

Don’t forget the fair!!  Holiday gifts, white elephants, handmade knitted items and food, food, food!  For sale:  Rose’s carrot cakes, pies, cakes, cookie walk, new jewelry, Thayer’s plants and lots more, including a great lunch.  Date:  November 23, 2019, 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  

I was thinking of the words to “Sweet Hour of Prayer” and singing it to myself – thinking how to present my feelings about it in this part of the newsletter.  I often get to church with all kinds of things going on in my head – but after choir rehearsal (which is such a joy to me), I ponder about the worship experience as a whole and I am calmed by prayers uplifted by the message, enthralled with “Marisha’s Magic” and the fellowship of such genuine, generous friends in this church.  My “sweet hour of prayer” is a blessing to me all week.  I wish fervently that anyone reading this could share that blessing with me – no more “I have too much to do”, “I have to work”, “I need the extra rest”, etc.   Whatever, it’s only an hour.  Give it some thought – you’ll be rewarded.  (Not too “preachy”, I hope.)

Most sincerely – Justice and Shalom

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