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Thrift Shop Scraps – October 2019

I’ll start this month’s report about your Thrift Shop…….I had to eat “humble pie” today – not a comfortable place to be, for sure!  You see in my last report to you, I said our  annual volunteer “thank you” dinner was to be held in November – not so.  The caterer came to my house in response to my frantic messages to reassure me that I had originally given her the correct date which is Friday, October 18th at 5:00 p.m. in our fellowship hall.  I had 24 hours of terror because Marion’s Pie Shop did such a great job last year and we wanted to duplicate the menu.  Whew, Cindy Stearns (owner of Marion’s) saved me!  I had visions of 50 of our faithful volunteers winding up at Subway, sharing subs.  Yikes!!  More next month.

People in our news:  You know Maryanne and Bill Bly (Thelma’s son) are our sextons and last week when they were cleaning for Sunday church when Maryanne (in one of the rest rooms) was accidentally drenched with toilet water from a faulty toilet!!  “Ain’t funny, MaGee.”  I’ll leave the details to your imagination.  

Carolyn D. is leaving this week for “home” in Florida.  She’s had a busy summer, as always.  My daughter Claudia had a lunch together just over the summer.  Also, on October 7th, Judy (the Rev.) and Barry T. are leaving for their winter home in Maryland.  Barry was “my person” when the Dorcas groups were formed.  In fact, he drove me to Boston for the testing before heart surgery, a 12 hour ordeal for him, and when we got back I had 11 turkeys in the yard and on the roof!  One was white!  I haven’t seen them since.  Barry and Judy included us for a lovely summer dinner right after our tornado!  I’ll really miss these nice “younger” folks!

Spotlight on:  Leslie and John A.  Younger couple just celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary – both work full time and yet give so much for our church, i.e. Leslie is Chairman of the Administrative Council, John is Chairman of the Trustees, they both do vestibule duty once a month, they both are responsible communion stewards once a month and they both work Saturdays in the Thrift Shop, and they do coffee hour frequently, too.  And a big blessing for me is John transports me to work in the shop 2 Saturdays a month!

Recently, Leslie and John had a vacation in Connecticut with her family and then spent some time in Vermont, so the other John C. worked a Saturday for John A. and picked me up so I wouldn’t miss a chance to spend time in the shop.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but that day was the first after our sale and all the winter “haute couture” were available and that day we made over $500! Unheard of, almost.  It’s fun to be that busy, our “new” Linda helped me wrap and so did John C.  Dolores was very generous with the turnout for changing the season – I think she said 13 people showed up to help strip all the clothes, bag them and bring in the totes with winter stuff and hung up everything including “back wall” stuff.  All done in less than 45 minutes, thanks to all the help.  So you can understand why we value our volunteers – they get the job done.

That’s it for now – hope to see you all in worship, wouldn’t that be great?


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