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9:30 AM
1 Church Street
East Harwich, MA 02645
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A Message from Pastor John

Harwich UMC may be closed for Sunday worship and other gatherings, but because we know the church is a people and not a building I can say with all truthfulness that Harwich UMC is NOT closed in the midst of the Covid19 pandemic. We’re just having to do things a little differently than we’re used to.

Without minimizing the seriousness of it, I think it’s also important to know that God goes with us no matter what. As a people called out from the world by God, it’s important that we convey to the world our faith and trust that God will provide for our needs and, ultimately, see us through this crisis. I’ve been bewildered at panic purchasing, as though paper mills that produce toilet paper, paper towels, and paper plates will suddenly vanish from the earth, and that laying hens and dairy cows will all die off. As I read earlier, “Noah only picked up two of each kind… please do the same while shopping.”

As Christians, we’ve been gifted with joy and peace and calm that enables us to persist in the face of adversity; neither with self-righteousness or false security on the one hand nor panicked hopelessness on the other. The Holy Spirit who indwells us has birthed within us those gifts and continues to direct and guide us each day.

Please review my remarks and reflections for Lent that, under more normal circumstances, would have been shared during worship this morning. Also are some daily devotionals for the week, courtesy of fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. I’m hopeful that I’m able to work out the technical kinks in order to bring you some form of on-line worship next week.

Although we’re limited in our face-to-face contact, we’re still able to reach one another by phone or email, so I’d encourage us all to stay in close community. After all, God remains on the throne.

Be blessed,


Worship Time

9:30 AM

Harwich UMC

1 Church Street East Harwich, MA 02645 Tel: 508-432-3734

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