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Dear People of God at Harwich UMC,

Holy Week Greetings as April arrives after a [shhhhh] mild winter. For Jesus, the pomp of Palm Sunday and the final opportunities to teach and lead by example, unfold before us. Jesus washing his disciples’ feet and sharing the Passover with them as a memorial meal are often celebrated as services during Holy Week. This year, due to the circumstances of my recovery, I will be sharing a reflection for Maundy Thursday on Zoom* at 6 pm on April 6th. This also will be recorded for YouTube so that you might pause on Friday and remember if you cannot be with us Thursday evening. Jesus and the disciples met for the Passover meal because it was part of their faith journey, and it is part of our response to Jesus’ invitation. 

As Christians, we become part of the faith at our Baptism and affirm our personal commitment to Jesus who is “The Way” in our Confirmation. Baptism/confirmation and Communion are the 2 Protestant Sacraments because Jesus told his disciples to continue to celebrate them. [Matthew 28:18-20 and Matthew 26:26–28; Mark 14:22–24; and Luke 22:17–20]  If you know you were baptized as an infant and wish to renew your baptism with a statement of confirmation at Pentecost – May 28th, 2023- or if you wish to sponsor an infant or adult for Baptism, please contact me at 774 212-0520. There will be more information during April!

Join me on this wonderful journey of remembrance so that we might celebrate the Victory of Easter possibilities!

In the everlasting Love of Christ Jesus I am yours,

Pastor Dianne

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