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Thrift Shop Tid-bits by Dolores Chase – October 2021

 Another month has come and gone. It seems like we just start a month and I blink and it’s gone. It doesn’t seem possible that we only have 3 months until 2022.  If  I could,  I’d like to slow  time down a bit. I never seem to have enough time to do everything I’d like to do. But I guess I can’t do that.

As you all know, we had our End of Season Sale at the end of August. Sales were very good! We had ample help when we closed on that Saturday. There were eleven people to take everything that was left and bag for the Salvation Army. Then we put winter clothes out for Thursday.  All this took a little over one hour, so lots of hands made our work lighter. Thank you to all who came and helped!

Labor Day weekend brought the Art Sale at which time I was outside with pictures, mirrors and frames of all sizes and colors that I sold for $2 each. 89 pieces were sold. This was very successful, l so I feel it’s worth doing again.

The Thrift Shop can still use help when we are open, so, if you have 2 hours, we’d like to talk with you. Talk to myself or Wendy, and we’ll put you to work. Thank you in advance.

Well, here we are in the fall, and the trees will soon be full of color, but that also means cold weather will soon follow. Till next time, take care of yourselves and each other.



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