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Having the Eyes of the Shepherd King

Parables are a way of telling the truth slant….not directly but from a viewpoint that makes you think and see and perhaps act in a different way. Slant provides an alternative perspective that may alter…shift, however slightly, the direction you are headed. Jesus’ purpose was to help his listeners get snapshots of how God saw and operated in this world and consequently how the Kingdom of God will operate.

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Faith Acumen

Over the years you’ve no doubt heard many a sermon on this passage, each preacher attempting to understand and interpret its meaning. But in truth there is no one correct interpretation. Jesus’ point in speaking parables was to get people thinking….imagining in a fresh way….outside the box of convention, status quo and what is socially accepted.

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Hang in there

Last Sunday I worshipped at St. Martin-in-the-Fields Church on Trafalgar Square in downtown London. I was drawn by the rector, Sam Wells, whose writing I admire…and who for ten years prior was Dean of the Chapel at Duke….a British Anglican serving at a Methodist university. Sam wasn’t in the pulpit last Sunday, but he offers a weekly theological discussion on current happenings following worship, so I enjoyed an hour with him and thirty others. I left St. Martin’s feeling spiritually refreshed by worship, the people I met over coffee, and the conversation.

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Why We Worship?

Some years ago I came home from a meeting at Trinity Church in Springfield very frustrated by how complicated everything was….how I could barely make sense of what is a complex, multi-celled congregation. Among other complexities Trinity had a huge, aging facility and five full time staff members in addition to me.

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Making the Most of the Time

I’ve been wondering what is the place of faith, the use of a faith position these days? I’ve promoted a keep-praying, stay-close-to-God, and keep-on-trucking message from this pulpit. Make a difference for good where you’re planted. Don’t focus on doing great things, but rather do small things with great love. I still believe that, but I’m also a little depressed. Maybe it’s the shortening daylight.

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Who is Undeserving

I feel discouraged…with all that’s going on in the world…depressed. Victims of Hurricane Maria on Caribbean islands including 3.2 million people on Puerto Rico—no electricity, most without water….neighbors scrambling to remove rubble covering victims of a serious earthquake in Mexico…genicidal brutality in Myramar…our president announcing that we’ll destroy North Korea if they… And closer to home, a gathering this Saturday on the Rhode Island share to lift up the life of our grandson Finn (along with tears, may we celebrate his brief life with a strong measure of gratitude and wonder).

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Jonah and God’s Compassion

We’ve now heard the whole of the little book of Jonah, one of the Minor Prophets in the Hebrew Scriptures. The 3rd and 4th chapters confirm why Jonah initially ran away from God’s call to go to Nineveh. He felt he had to flee in the other direction to protect his own sense of integrity…because he suspected that in the end God would exercise compassion on the evil Ninevites.

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Jonah’s Prayer

I’m reading Tattos on the Heart by Gregory Boyle. We’ll read it together in a fall book study to which you’re all invited. This week a story from Tattoos on the Heart got my attention, one in a chapter titled ‘Jurisdiction.’ As a legal term ‘jurisdiction’ refers to the territory or situation over which the law has authority. At the same time it implies some limits…that an official has authority to operate here but not there, in this way but not in that way. The notion of jurisdiction has some intriguing implications for the journey of faith.

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