Harwich Soundings – June 8, 2017

Dear friends,

Hard to believe it’s June 8.  Schools will soon be out.  It was 48 degrees on Tuesday.  Warmer today.  Cool or warm, God is God and is for us.

I was struck by this from Robert Corin Morris:  “The God we worship not only fixed the borders of the sea and rested on the Sabbath but also voluntarily chose the confines of the flesh so that every one of its limitations might become the dwelling place and doorway to abundant life.  The Infinite was confined in swaddling clothes and subjected to the same path of bridling and taming the wilderness of desire as we are.

His Way is one of disciplined body and soul, of desire restrained only so it may find its deeper and more life-giving goal.  This Way opens our souls to grow into the likeness of the Love and Justice, the Courage and Patience, the Wisdom and Radiance in whose image we are made.  Such love, in the end, learns to desire only the Good, and is free from hindrance to choose it.”  (“This Far and No Farther: The Life-Giving Power of limitation”,  Weavings, Nov-Dec2010,Jan2011)

There’s something about accepting/embracing limitation that resonates with the soul while also pricking it.  It’s certainly counter-cultural, as is most of Jesus’ truth.  How do you find your life by losing it?  Does that include suffering and dying?

The realm of the gospel is surprise and, paradoxically, abundant life.  A verse from Pues Si Vivimos comes to mind:  “When we are living, it is in Christ Jesus, and when we’re dying, it is in the Lord.  Both in our living and in our dying, we belong to God, we belong to God.”   (UM Hymnal, 356)

I bear unwanted news:  Dusty is back in the hospital diagnosed with two brain tumors and cancer activity in her abdomen.  She’s in good spirits while awaiting prognosis and treatment options.  Her sister is with her.  She’d love a call or visit.  Also, our little Finn has an infection and seems to be responding to treatment.  We’ll see him today.

Prayer is a powerful spiritual practice that counters the onslaught of terrible happenings, and can lend us freeing perspective.  Keep praying!

Blessings,  Ed

PS  Cindy Farrell-Starbuck will fill in for Dusty…her hours to be determined.


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