Worship Time
10:00 AM
1 Church Street
East Harwich, MA 02645
Tel: 508-432-3734

What we believe

Spirit of the Living God, fall afresh on us in these quiet moments…fall afresh on our hearts and minds and imaginations….fall freshly on this congregation of seasoned followers of Jesus.  Melt us, O Spirit…mold us…fill us up until your compassion spills over through our lives…use us to be your witnesses, your servant people in everyday encounters.  Stir us to pray…to intercede for the hurting…to join in solidarity with those in need who dwell on the margins…

It’s not just that you are awesome, O God.  Surely, you are awesome and powerful, your grace saves us, your forgiveness frees us, your will gives our lives direction, and your Son’s name is wonderful.  Beautiful Savior…What a Friend…Companion to the lonely…Seeker of the lost…Keeper who holds us in our going out and coming in forever.

We worship you this day with glad and thankful hearts….for all that you have done in our lives through the years.  Continue, O Lord, continue to be the galvanizing center of our days.  Our prayers reach out to neighbors across the globe…to those terrorized in London…to those who are hungry in North Korea…to victims of natural disaster…to prisoners and their families…to those in the grip of deadly disease.   Hear our prayers, O Lord, for the leaders of the globe’s nations…for a spirit of humble service and wise stewardship.  On behalf of this broken, aching earth we cry “Mercy!  Have Mercy, Living God!”

And for the ones we carry closely in our hearts…for …Bring healing on every level needed…grant tangible hope and peace for the distressed ones…each and all your beloved daughters and sons.

We come to you in and through the Spirit of Jesus Christ….

1 Church St, Harwich, MA 02645
508 432-3734