I started to write about that “rare day in May – – – I know, I know, its June, so you will hear it next month. This month will bring Mother’s Day, another festive time (Easter Sunday saw a full church and great message from you know who), good fellowship hour, too. How about a repeat for Mother’s Day? Another May fund-raiser activity MAY come to fruition – a few months ago, Leslie Albee (she is Chairperson of Administrative Council – all are welcome, bring your good ideas or come and listen to others) proposed we do a flea market – rent a table for $50, sell your own stuff, when you’ve made $50 you have broken even and anything over that is gravy! You can do whatever you like with the money – pay a bill, buy groceries or donate it to anything you want. We set up tables for you and take them down at end of sale! No work for you – just make some money and have a good time. I think it’s great and hope to participate! And we hope crafters and good cooks and flower lovers etc in the neighborhood and wider community will be clamoring to rent a table! Speaking of crafters – I said, last month, that I would remind you of “The Tale of the Quilt.” More than ten years ago, a dirty, shabby, woebegone quilt was donated to us – we tried our best to hang it so the lettering would be visible and tried to interest people in its uniqueness – 1862 (when it was made, during the Civil War when it was common to send quilts to the front-fighting area, or for family wedding gifts.) We were so very disappointed that somebody didn’t grab it up. So, one day I was trying to arrange it on a larger hanger. I started looking carefully at the embroidered names and was shocked and amazed to see that the people represented were very familiar to me from Rockland County, New York and Bergen County, New Jersey – the church I was married in, 68 years ago – Greenbush Presbyterian Church, Mt. Tappan, New Jersey – the Blauvelt family I knew well and lots of Dutch names. So, I took the quilt home with me – entreated a Colorado friend on her way to New York to take it. No luck there. Two/three months later, Claudia and I went “home” for a function and I took the quilt (now becoming an albatross!) to a friend’s house. They were hosting a Sunday after-church party – a quilter-person was there, she was astounded at our find and took it to the local Historical Society, who were equally astounded. End of tale coming up – Historical society renewed and cleaned and patched up this pathetic looking marvel, hermetically sealed it in queen sized glass case, had newspaper coverage of opening display, etc. When the Historical Society president called me to tell me of the “hoopla” he said their exhibits were all donated! I said “we are selling it to you” – I said “We want $100, please” end of conversation. Check in the mail to our little Thrift Shop an few days later. The end. Dot is back from R & R in Florida, rarin’ to go – to accept any of you who would like to apply to be a volunteer. Also, due back in May, hopefully, Carolyn, another hard worker, from her winter home in Florida. Wendy S. has been a real plus during the dark days of winter and now will be returning to upstate New Yorki for the summer. So many of our customers were sick recently with pneumonia and or bronchitis, including our own, Bill and Maryanne – he with pneumonia and she with bronchitis. Shalom and see in you worship, JW