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To the People of God at Harwich UMC,  

Are you feeling deflated?  We have had 2 high-flying helium-filled “Hot Air Balloons” in the sanctuary since Ash Wednesday on February 14th this year.  Every Sunday recently I was concerned that one or both may have “landed”.  On March 1st the worst happened – one of the balloons was down.

Have you been checking in on your ability to weather the challenges of 2024 and keep UP – keeping up with your mundane and spiritual endeavors – taxes, chores, meetings, and the assignment for our Lenten season:  Being Up to Something Good? For the Lord.

Depression is sometimes our response to the “Bad News” litany broadcast about the upcoming political elections, our annual medical review, and the state of the economy….  Jesus said that we would know the Lord is always near to lift us UP when we are feeling weighed down. 

Journeying through Lent we arrive this month at Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and finally Christ triumphant over the bondage to death: Easter!  March 31st.

My prayer is that you rise every day with the Good News that you are precious to me and the Lord.

On the Journey!

Pastor Dianne

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