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To the People of God at Harwich UMC,

Gratitude is the attitude of the season and as the year has whizzed by I often forget what has been overcome by God’s grace and a committed community of God’s people.  We have so much to be grateful for …

Personally, I am grateful that the church helped me recover from what was a serious fall – it took most of the spring to resume driving myself to church.  After 10 weeks of people bringing Zoey and myself to church and back to Centerville, on May 13th I drove to Jo Buess’ Memorial Service and regained a measure of independence!  Thank-you for Pastors David and Ed who led worship during the month of February, for meals and company, tending the parsonage and so many prayers!

__The church and the community appear to be emerging from the effects of Covid though there are still outbreaks.

__The Thrift shop has continued to serve the community thru faithful volunteers. 

__As a church family we have continued to have steady attendance as people come and go with busy lives!

__We anticipate a new day for the United Methodist Church around issues of inclusion. 

It is easy to feel the loss of Saints who have left us because of the need to relocate near family.  We lament the passing of loved ones who have served long among us.  Gratitude includes the sober recognition of a goodly heritage and the opportunity to answer God’s call to service “where we are planted!”

As we anticipate our All Church Conference on November 26th , my prayers are that your Thanksgiving 2023 gratitude list is long and your challenges few.

With sincere gratitude for God’s bringing us to this place to be in ministry together I am Yours in the Love of the Lord.

Pastor Dianne

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