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To the People of God at Harwich United Methodist,

Last Sunday was Pentecost, the day the Church was born and was empowered by the Holy Spirit to carry the message of Jesus’ teachings forward. The longest season of the church is devoted to the Church’s witness of Christ. This season lasts From May 28th to December 3rd, in 2023, and, when I was growing up it was called Kingdomtide. Today this season is called “Ordinary” time. For 33 -34 weeks the Church celebrates what is sometimes called “Weeks after Pentecost”.

There is power in the names we use to identify things and people. This season is anything but ORDINARY in my opinion. For those of us in the Northeast at least half of the season is vacation time from school and our “work as usual”. This year the season began with Memorial Day and June will feature “Father’s Day” and “Juneteenth” quickly followed by the 4th of July.  Each of these dates has important remembrances:

Memorial Day for the sacrifices necessary for our ideal of Freedom.
Father’s Day for the work of parenting.
Juneteenth for the effective emancipation of slaves in Texas and the ongoing realities of racism.
The 4th of July for our National Declaration of Independence from colonialism.  

Finally, we recognize Labor Day on the first Monday in September and our typical routines begin in earnest. 

Actually, I prefer these weeks to be called Weeks after Pentecost because Pentecost needs to infect our lives for more than 1 day. The work of the Church – living as though we are Kingdom People- undergirds our best ideals. Our faith is that God’s LOVE extends to all creation and condemns racism, and slavery, and sets the captives free from domination. God’s Kingdom predicts a future hope of Peace with Justice. See you at the Fair on June 24th!

This season is anything but ORDINARY. I pray you will see the Vision and experience the Hope that came with the Day of Pentecost all season long.

Pastor Dianne

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