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A Message from Pastor Dianne

To the people of God at Harwich UMC,

Lent begins February 22nd with the observance of Ash Wednesday.

Our Lenten theme this year will be ”Looking for Love.” We spend a good deal of our lives Looking for Love, which, of course, means various things to each of us. Our faith tells us that God is Love and that in Christ Jesus “Love looks for Us.” Ultimately Easter tells us that “Love Wins.”

What are the challenges of life over which God triumphs? We know that our mortality is the final challenge. However, the mountains we climb in the living of our lives are many.

The struggle to survive: physically and emotionally.

The ability to deal with the unexpected: personally and globally.

The temptations to worship lesser gods at any cost: like wealth and beauty.

The search for “security.”

Each year we welcome Lent as an opportunity to journey towards a renewed sense of wholeness and happiness. Lent is a reflective time to reassess where we are searching for meaning and purpose. I invite you to join us for a Lenten study on Thursdays and the unique midweek times of worship that begin and end the season. I challenge you to invite someone to journey with you – someone who will not receive this invitation from me – someone only you can invite.

May the blessings of the Lord be yours today.

Pastor Dianne

P.S.  Knowing that I love to have a metaphor for the season I hope you still have a scrabble board in some closet that you can dig out and use as a worship focal point!


*** Study to begin Thursday, February 9th at 3:00 pm.

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