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Thrift Shop Tid-bits by Dolores Chase – September 2021

Well, where has summer gone to! It doesn’t seem possible that we’re at the end of August. I would like to thank all my volunteers for the hard work they do. If it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t have a thrift shop. Most of our volunteers are non- Church members, and I do appreciate them. I also want to thank Wendy for the hard work she does trying to keep the schedule on track. That can’t be an easy job, because people have other things to do from time to time. It takes a lot of people to keep the shop going. We recycle books, cardboard, clothes, and we’re now going to save old blankets and towels for the animal shelter in Brewster. A lady named Cindy, whom Linda Todenhagen knows, will come, and pick them up. The thrift shop also helps anyone who may have lost all their personal belongings in a fire, or we’ll help you if your homeless and you need an outfit for a job interview.

We are having our half -price sale from August 19th to the 28th of this month and then  again when we open on September 2nd. We’ll have the winter clothes for sale. I’m also planning on having an Art sale outside (weather permitting) on September 2,3,4th to find new homes for all the pictures that have collected in the basement.

As some of you may know the thrift shop has planted a tree in memory of Thelma Bly up near the back parking lot. A placard has been ordered to state the same and should arrive at the end of this month. Then we’ll have it placed by the tree.

We are going back to the original entrance this coming week, because of some things that came to my attention last week. I have noticed some customers going out the book room door with clothes and not paying for them, so that door will be closed except for Monday morning when we accept donations. If you have some free time and would like to volunteer in the thrift shop, please see Wendy as some of our snowbirds will be heading south soon. Thank you in advance.                                               

The thrift shop is helping the U.M Women to set up their craft fair for November 20th. and if you can help with that it would be very much appreciated. Thank you to all who help with the thrift shop and those who used to but have had to step aside because of this pandemic. It would be nice if things went back to normal, but what is normal! Maybe this is the new normal and we have to just take it one day at a time. Take care everyone and stay safe.

Praying for all of you. Let us all keep Carol Porter in our prayers as she’s lost her husband Bob. As some of you may know Carol and Bob used to work in the Thrift shop.

Thank you and until next month thank care of yourself and each other.   Dolores

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